Carriers Of The Force Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it impossible to find replacements for the thousand of Jews who are in key positions in industry and finance in France, by putting in their place smart, gifted French people?

Answer: The Jews are carriers of the force of unity, unification. They do not just develop something locally and in isolation from the rest, but links are built and everything is connected between themselves. They are like explorers who discover new lands. All these discoveries were made by the Jews because they felt oppressed in Spain and Portugal. For this reason Columbus discovered America, due to the desire to break away.

The Jews have this power to break through because it is the force of Bina, the desire to bestow, called Galgalta ve-Eynaim. The word “Jew ” (Yehudi) comes from the word “unity” (Yichud). They make up only a tiny part of humanity, but they are located at the top, like a thin layer of cream. The force of bestowal is concentrated within it, and therefore, their participation brings significant contribution.

Suffice it to recall history. Two thousand years ago, in the days of the Temple, Israel was a prosperous state with high culture and education and a developed infrastructure and lifestyle. It gave all of humanity the foundation for culture, education, and the basis for its whole development. All this came from the people of Israel, and this remained within its nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/13/15

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  1. Fascinating…truly…Christopher Columbus …Jewish…and it turns out to be quite likely true, after checking it out. Every day I feel more ignorant…. anyway, even though I cannot find any even remotely personal Jewish genetic connection.. which technically leaves me out….I truly really do hope that you are all really part of the very special system you describe… would actually be a wonderful thing if it were true.

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