In The Hands Of The Upper Sculptor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to play the music of the spiritual (upper) worlds to music students so that they can try to draw its effect upon them?

Answer: I believe that you can even play it to children.

Question: Should these tunes be adapted for music schools?

Answer: I think it is essential! We should offer this music to people of all ages and also to great symphony orchestras. We have already had such experiences.

The tune Hine Kahomer (Like Matter) tells us that we are like matter in the hand of the “upper sculptor” who manages us, taking into account all our desires and impulses. He leads us to His goal according to our desire to follow it by ourselves and at the same time corrects us.

By teaching a small child to walk we direct him and support him and at the same time force him to make some effort on his part and to overcome his fears. He stands and cries and doesn’t know what to do until he finally decides to make a clumsy move and falls. We pick him up and put him back on his feet and again force him to move.

This is how the upper force manages us. If we want to start the spiritual ascent, we begin to feel how He supports us (just like we support a child) to the extent that we willingly make a move towards Him, and, at the same time, He pushes us a bit and leaves us alone so that by overcoming our fear we will make a step forward.

But there is the feeling of great love in all that! Although we are a bit afraid and don’t understand, we learn that way, and in a parallel world actually perform the same actions but instead of physical efforts make mental efforts. This is what the tune Hine Kahomer addresses.

On the other hand, this music is joyful. It is because I am glad to discover that I am like matter in the hand of the sculptor, like a wheel in the hand of a skipper. It feels good that I am not just an animal managed from Above that doesn’t know where it is headed.

Two forces, a positive one and a negative one, manage us like reins from the right and the left by pulling us by what feels pleasant and repelling us by what is unpleasant. But I know what to yearn for by using them. When I put them one against the other, I perceive the positive force as negative and the negative force as positive and I can change myself.

By using the tools that I was given, the heart and the mind, I can understand and perceive the upper Providence, and although I am like a steering wheel, like reins in the hands of the upper force, I can be in a certain relationship with Him, in a covenant, and thus knowingly move towards the desired goal.

I still don’t understand that at the moment, just like a child who is put on his feet and doesn’t know what he needs to do. But we do understand that we have to listen to this force and to try to carry out His orders properly, and moreover, it is not physically but consciously, which means to constantly try to find meaning in His actions. Then we will grow spiritually.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 2/9/14

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