The Skin Protects The Fruit

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written that the “skin (Klipa) preserves the fruit.” These “impure forces,” Klipa, surround the Kli, fruit, on all sides and protect it from the external world.

But this is confusing, because in the picture of the universe, our world is surrounded by higher worlds, so who is this shell protecting us from, the upper one?

It protects us in both directions: from the Upper Light, which we are unable to receive, as well as from us, by not letting us go outside.

But when a person of this world is able to attain a desire that can break this skin and he goes through it into the upper world, then you are welcome to do it! The Klipa guards me and provides me with a resistance, which causes me to gather enough strength in opposition to it, so I could withstand it and live in the upper world.

The Skin Protects The Fruit
But on the other hand it protects me from receiving too much influence from the upper world, so I would not feel it living in the lower world; otherwise, it could harm me.

What nourishes the upper one is poison for the lower one. For Him it is the Light of bestowal, but I will immediately run away at the sight of it, because it will be so hateful to me. I will not be able to withstand it; this Light will seem to be an awful darkness to me.

Do you remember the darkness and the rejection you felt the first day of the convention? What was it? Just a slight contact with the Light of bestowal. A little Light was revealed to us, but we perceived it as something repugnant, dark, and cold, and we thought: “No, anything but this!”

But why?! Because He is a giver and I am a receiver. The Pharaoh is standing right across from the Creator; all the Light also exists in Egypt, we just perceive it as the darkness of Egypt.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10

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