In The Thick Force Field Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should be trying to decipher the Creator’s game and get closer to the real picture. And then we will feel that we are in the force field of bestowal, like in a cloud. As it says: “His glory fills the world.”

We are all in this force field. The Upper Light fills all of reality and is in a state of absolute rest. We need to develop our vessel so that we begin feeling the upper Light.

In order to do so, we were given our broken nature so that to the extent that we make efforts to connect, we will begin to reveal ourselves in the force field. This field is unified and whole, but we discover it to the extent that the attribute of bestowal develops in us. The more attributes of bestowal inside me, the stronger the feeling of the force field becomes.

This is how the law of equivalence of form works, like in every physical force field, whether it is electric, magnetic, or radioactive. The only difference is that we can identify the forces that operate on the corporeal level naturally or by instruments that we have built.

However, there are forces and attributes that belong to the speaking level, so in order to perceive them, we have to change and to improve. No instrument can help us here. We have to create our own internal instruments by working on our connection and establishing the attribute of bestowal in us in which we feel and discover this field.

The main thing is not to leave, for even a moment, the thought that we are in a field of bestowal, as in a dense medium. It surrounds all our movements, our body, and our feelings, and fills everything,

There is nothing a person cannot feel, we just have to make efforts and practice. Our job is to develop the  sense, the vessel for feeling that field of bestowal, of the Upper Light we are immersed in.

The exercise of “stay away from evil” that we have just begun is also intended to reach this goal. On the whole and in every lesson, we need only to take the Light into account, to what extent we can somehow evoke desires inside us that will help us approach, feel, and touch the upper force. This is the goal of the lesson.

The exercise of staying away from evil is intended to develop the sense of perceiving bestowal in us, by which we will discover that we are in the force field of the upper.

In one of my first books, I describe the feeling of this field with the example of a person who suddenly felt this spontaneously, as a result of great sufferings that he had experienced in a Siberian prison. Later he read my book and came to meet me. It was very interesting to meet him, but I didn’t feel that he have the spiritual life anymore. This is because the revelation wasn’t the consequence of his purposeful work.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/06/14

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