There Are No Differences Between The Students

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If everyone has a spiritual mother and father (AVI) through which he receives the power of the Light, who is the teacher who conveys the method to the student?

Answer: The spiritual father and mother are the upper system with which you have to work. Later you will learn what it is, that it is a level that is higher than you.

You will learn how to connect to your spiritual teacher, what level he is on, and how he equates himself and incorporates in the general vessel that you are part of and with the upper Partzuf that is above you. You will discover all this.

We don’t yet see the spiritual hierarchy according to which we are built, and therefore all the students are equal. There are no differences between them. In our current state I don’t see any differences between their souls and cannot see anyone who is higher or anyone who is lower.

There are people who are not mature enough yet in order to advance to spirituality and so they drop out and leave the group. They come for a short while and then leave. But at the moment, I don’t see, among the students who stay, any souls that are closer to correction than others.

Everyone has to make an effort and then he will understand his role better. At the moment we are only getting close to the right effort that is focused on the connection between us. If a person dedicates his soul in order to connect to others in a circle, he actually fulfills himself. Then according to his fulfillment, we may be able to see that the root of his soul is higher.

But this refers only to those who really are “love sick” with regard to the friends.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/14

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