The Angel That Kills and Revives

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s Article “A Blessing Does Not Dwell in Things That Can Be Counted”: It is essential to know and believe that everything is given to us by the Creator: a vessel, desire, an aspiration to bestow, and the Light, the force that one receives to act for the sake of bestowal.

However, before anything else, one has to act. In other words, before acting, one should tell himself: “Nobody will help me except myself.” After that, one has to say: “If the Creator doesn’t build a house, all exertions of those who are building it are useless.”

The main job is to make the correct efforts, i.e., preparing one’s need of the Light that Reforms (our half-coin or the six weekdays before the completion of the work.) They are all about the ascents and descents, since only by going through ups and downs can one make clarifications.

The strength of the vessel is measured by the difference between the descents and ascents. We are obligated to do our best while being in both states: descents and ascents. We cannot run away or hide from the descents. Both these states are essential and desirable. All we can do is just try to convert descents into ascents, rather than waiting for mercy from heaven to do it for us.

If one is directed correctly, one starts shaping a vessel and builds one common desire together with one’s friends, a desire to reveal the Creator for the sake of pleasing Him, i.e., discovering that the Creator rejoices in our efforts.

We can exert in all sorts of states, during the ascents and descents and variations thereof. That’s why one should always say: “Nobody can help me except myself,” since each of the states consists of sensing and reason. Our job is clarifying both of them through our connection with others and attaining one common property, the Light that has to be revealed.

These efforts will make a basis for our next step. At each level, there is a division into “Nobody will help me except myself” and “There is none else besides Him,”  and we must try to connect both principles and make it one, as it is said: “The Angel kills and revives, and brings salvation.” Our impressions collect together, adhere to a particular step, and in the end, salvation comes.

Every single time we decipher the same words and properties at a higher level with a deeper understanding. This process makes our explanation of the words “salvation,” “kill,” and “revive” more internal. All these concepts climb the spiritual ladder and go from the state of receiving to the level of bestowal.

With the help of downfalls that are called “death in the work” and recoveries that are called “ascents,” we cultivate our future salvation, i.e., we approach perfection.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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