Spiritual Yoga

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn realizing the integral method, we distinguish two circles: The inner circle is us, people with the “point in the heart” who are managed by a Reshimo, a spiritual spark, that belongs to a connection with the Creator, and the outer circle is the main mass of humanity, the level of the nations of the world.

We have an inner struggle, all kinds of negative and positive discharges, because internally we are in constant Brownian motion, with annihilation, with all kinds of problems of spiritual growth, while among the masses, there is no growth.

They come to integral learning only because it is good for them to be in a collective like this. A person goes to work recharged in his circle. He has an excellent mood and normal pressure, and the problems with the boss and in the family are significantly reduced. It’s kind of a spiritual yoga.

Millions of people in the world practice yoga in the morning to calm their nerves, and then they go to work. Who benefits from this? Not the nation, not the person himself, and not society.

Integral circles should be a morning exercise for the general public. The whole nation will sit together in circles and look at each other with love.

We want to add even more pleasure in life to people so that they will be relaxed, will not fight with each other, and will be freed from tensions. Everything will be okay for them in the family. The closer that they come to the Light, the more orderly and flourishing their lives will become. They will have no contradictions with the Light.

Adam (man) is a yearning for the Creator, and with the general public, this level has not yet been discovered. This is because they are on the level of the beast in which there is no contradiction. There is no second line that causes a need to create a third line. So, they evolve according to another principle that is different from ours.

If we and our inner world have changed within the past twenty or thirty years, their image of the world will change within a few months because they have no inner struggle with opposites. They have no collision of two worlds, the upper and the physical. They don’t have problems like we do: struggles and scrutinies. They put themselves under the influence of the Light that is conveyed through us, and it will be good for them.

They don’t need twenty or thirty years to be changed. A month or two is enough for them. We sit, we talk, we dance, we smile at each other, and this is all. With this, they become similar to the Light, and we must bring them to this state of equivalence that exists on their level.

For a human, there is not a full, natural instinct as there is with an animal, in order to be similar to the Light that comes close to him directly as it does with a child. We need to add this, and then they will combine together with us into a single whole.

After this, Reshimot, spiritual sparks, for attaining the Creator will be discovered in them, and then a huge mass of people will appear that will summon the Upper Light, which will be immeasurably larger than what we can summon.
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 2

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