The Black Light Of Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I first need to feel the Light in order to work with it, but I don’t feel it.

Answer: We feel the Light in Egypt. We realize that the darkness we feel is created by the Light and that it’s bestowal from Above. We are placed in total darkness that is called the darkness in Egypt.

The darkness in Egypt isn’t just darkness that an ordinary person feels. We feel that it’s dark in Egypt because we cannot reach bestowal and we are in chains under the domination of Pharaoh. This darkness is the posterior of the Light, and it’s the Light that makes us feel the darkness.

Everything is done by the Light. It either gives us a small illumination that makes us feel satisfied with our corporeal life or begins to shine more in its posterior making us feel that our life is becoming worse and worse on the corporeal level and also in the qualitative sense, meaning that we feel the deficiency to know what we are living for and why. All this is the influence of the posterior of the Light.

Thus we advance by the constant effect of the Light. All the changes in us are a result of its influence. It doesn’t change in quantity and remains more or less the same, but it does change in quality. According to these changes, I also go through different qualitative states and constantly change.

We cannot say that there is no Light in Egypt. There is Light! But it operates through its posterior.

When we are taught by the blows, it’s the same Light that operates, but we cannot understand, feel, or be impressed by the Light of love and bestowal since it will only spoil us like a spoiled child. A child only understands by punishments, and we have to teach him this way because he is under a foreign domination and we cannot take him out of there by simply treating him nicely.

When we receive blows, we don’t feel where they come from. But later, the pain is gradually conveyed to the mind.

Question: How can I constantly remember that it’s the Light that operates?

Answer: It depends on your efforts. If between the blows, when you are conscious you understand that you can properly act in the group, in the study, and dissemination, the Light that shines on you at a certain moment also illuminates the previous state when you were in the dark. Thus, being in one state, I learn about another state and reach the middle line.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/14, Writing of Rabash

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