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Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we explain the method of connection to a person, we have to explain the basis for the method. Therefore, we say that it isn’t something that we invented but that it stems from nature. We see that nature has been managing us for ages, advancing us and bringing us to a state in which we all find ourselves connected to one another.

By nature we are all connected, but on our part, we don’t want this connection. It turns out that we are in a system that connects us in every possible way, but we object and act as if there is no connection between us. Therefore, there is a crisis.

This system operates on us as if we are connected and thus operates and manages us, while we don’t want it. This leads to confusion and to a great mess in everything that we do. This phenomenon began a couple of decades ago when we began to realize that we are all connected.

Previously there was no such thing. We simply grew and grew until suddenly the connection was closed. It happens with small children who don’t feel that they need friends and play by themselves until the age of two or three. Then the child grows and realizes that there are other children and that it is interesting to play with them.

Humanity has developed in the same way; up to a certain point each developed separately and suddenly nature forces us to be together. Do you agree to accept the condition that everyone is connected? We are destroying the world and our life if we carry on the way we live now.

The correction is in studying and investigating nature and becoming compatible with it by identifying, and becoming in line and balanced with it so that we will live well. Balance is the principle law of nature. All of nature is drawn to balance.

This is very reasonable and can be explained. Otherwise, why do we ask everyone to be in good relations with one another, in connection? Are we communists or small children who don’t understand that it’s impossible to implement that?

But it isn’t about whether it’s possible or not, but simply that we have no choice. It isn’t a theory that was made by anyone; we learn from nature what it means to be in harmony with it. All of nature aspires for balance and we also have to attain it. Then everyone will feel good. It’s a physical law, a physical law that is expressed in the relations between people.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/14, Writings of Rabash

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