Correction Through The Method Of Justification

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we choose between the Nefesh de Kedusha (holy soul) and the Nefesh de Klipa  (impure soul) that the Creator gives us in every state?

Answer: In every state, I need to say that I am found half in Kedusha (sanctity) and half in Klipa (impurity) and choose between them, as it is written: “A person should always see himself as if he is half innocent and half guilty, and decide between them.” This means that I am always free to determine my attitude towards the state I am in.

I don’t change the states; I cannot change the Reshimot (informational genes). I am not the master of the Light. It is within my power only to change my attitude to the current state.

I don’t work with the forces of Klipa and Kedusha. Everything depends only on what attracts me in the present situation, either the side of bestowal or the side of reception. In creation, we become partners with the Creator in order to justify Him.

But this is enough, for this justification opens my eyes to the degree that I unite with the Creator with the right perception, manner, program, depth, and goal of His actions that are opened to me. This is called revelation of the Creator.

Revelation of the Creator gives me the power to justify Him in the present state, in all previous states, and in the next states, regarding each and every one in reality, according to all parts of the shattered Kli. And so I am called Tzadik Gamor (completely righteous).

The completion of correction (Gmar Tikkun) is the complete justification of the Creator in all of His activities with all of the creatures.

Question: So why doesn’t a person reach the completion of correction when he succeeds for the first time in reaching such a point of justification of the Creator?

Answer: Because I will have many points like these on the way. I need to go through them all, one after the other, because only in this gradual and consistent way, can I recognize the Creator. To justify means that I know, understand, and feel all of the reasons, actions, and results of the work that the Light performs on the Kelim. And then “From your deeds we shall know you,” meaning that I recognize and understand Him, and discover that He and His actions are perfect.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/14, Writings of Rabash

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