Learning To Realize Our Exclusivity

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Baal HaSulam’s articles “The Giving of the Torah” and “Arvut (The Mutual Guarantee)” and other sources including Rav Kook’s writings, we clearly see that those who aspire to merge with the Creator without pulling the entire world cannot achieve correction.

We need to realize that hiding from the world, taking care of ourselves, and studying for ourselves are very comfortable for our egoism, but it does not help. Until we realize this, nothing happens.

Don’t complain that the world is not receptive and does not want to listen. Those are just excuses to justify our laziness and discomfort in this material plane. When it comes to the Upper Force that organizes the entire reality and creates all internal and external conditions for us, we need to decide once and for all and confirm each day that by not observing this particular requirement, we do not deal with spiritual advancement.

Because it means that we are not engaged in building the spiritual system. In this case, we would be replaced by others or the Creator will send us terrible disasters and problems and we will still have to return to Him against our will. This should be very important to us.

Some people complain that they have been studying for 10-15 years now, but they still have not reached the attainment yet. They have to better understand the system we are in. If we act correctly inside the system, then we advance towards its true goal: the revelation of the force of bestowal, connection, merging with the Creator, and the ability not to demand anything for ourselves, i.e., spiritual attainment. Our advancement is possible only if we act this way.

If someone behaves differently, then one should not be in the group and be unnecessary ballast in the common boat. It’s better to just walk away, at least then you would know what you are doing, instead of coming every few years with complaints: “Why haven’t I reached the revelation yet?

This is an egoistic question: “Why don’t I have it?” But he doesn’t ask: “Why have I studied for so many years and still continue thinking about myself?” Instead, “Why haven’t I received something that I was waiting for so long?”

We should fulfill our duties. The Creator never compromises. We are talking about the whole of creation and the system requires our actions. In his works, Rabbi Kook writes that the state of the world requires us to act and that there is no room to escape. Correction is to realize our exclusivity.

We feel the desire to attain the Creator not because we are so special; rather, the Creator purposely awakens the desire in us so that we can do our job properly. Our duty is to fulfill our task correctly, not acting in our own way, but rather learning how to perform it.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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