On A New Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What must change qualitatively in the group work and the dissemination work after the conventions? We expect a new stage that we don’t feel yet. What is that state from your point of view?

Answer: Now we are more united, we have begun to understand each other better, and we have begun to feel the friends who are in various parts of the world as one united group. We even get sick together, but all this is arranged from above and will bring us benefit. We will only become healthier.

Since we are now more connected with each other, our collective intensity has grown seven-fold, and therefore we understand the material much more deeply, even The Study of the Ten Sefirot, the spiritual mechanics. It will suddenly become closer to us.

We see how a child to whom we give a telephone or a computer, seemingly without knowing anything, plays with it and surprisingly to us, he begins to press the buttons correctly. How does he know what to press? It’s because he is already created for this level, and we cannot do this because we were created for the previous generation.

Therefore, when we connect together, we immediately leap to the next level, and all that Kabbalah speaks about becomes much closer and real for us.

Besides this, in accordance with that advancement that we have attained, I will give lessons on a higher level. Together with this, I will focus on my sensations and on groups that are advanced beyond the others by virtue of the efforts they invested.

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