Earth Is Being Plunged Into Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from YouTube): “Global warming takes our planet into darkness, American scientists believe. The scientists analyzed satellite images that showed how the Earth was changing over time. Having compared the data, the scientists discovered a frightening trend. With every year, the globe loses the ability to reflect light.

“The melting of ice in the Arctic reveals dark surface – water and soil. The dark surface reflects light a lot worse, but the heat absorption is larger.

“There is another unpleasant moment. Arctic air is incapable of transmitting surface heat to the upper atmosphere. This is what differs the Arctic from tropical areas, where air masses are distributed more evenly.”

My Comment: None of our efforts will lead to bringing the climate to equilibrium and cannot establish comfortable conditions for humankind. Only the inclusion of humanity itself in the general integral system of nature will lead the entire system to equilibrium. Otherwise, nature “will beat us until we become smarter.”

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