Justifying The Principle Of The Scientific Approach

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the demand to justify everything that happens related to the usual scientific approach of Kabbalah?

Answer: It refers to how we should see reality correctly. This is what we are taught. A scientist may try to change the tools he has: the chemicals, if it’s an experiment in chemistry or the microscopes or the telescopes, but here he is told that if he wants to reach the initial cause of the phenomena, he can do so only by an equivalence of form.

This way is the only way to start working with the two forces of nature: the force of receiving and the force of bestowal, the universal plus and minus. These two forces are the basis of all of creation. It’s possible to discover them only through the equivalence and the balance of the two, which is attained by the gradual equivalence between them.

We will discover that these two forces meet and contradict one another inside us. Whatever we feel now, our existence and the existence of this whole world, is a result of these two forces that come together and cannot reach a state of balance between them. But this imbalance is revealed in a range that we can discover. If we can balance these two forces now, we become the middle line that goes between them and includes the two inside us. Then we will see the real state.

By the right connection and the integration of the two, by bringing them to the equivalence of form, by serving as an adaptor in the middle, we establish the point of our existence in which reality opens up before us at this point, on this level, on this ladder, in the middle line. Thus we discover the picture of the true reality. This is called the wisdom of Kabbalah: the balance on the middle line at every point of our existence.

Such a scientist is called a Kabbalist. One who reaches the balance of forces and who controls them, checking and studying them and working with them through his research, his exertion, his work with the innermost tools, with the desires, not with external equipment, but with his inner vessels.

It turns out that he doesn’t need physics, chemistry, or all the other external sciences, since he changes nature from its basis. He doesn’t need all the superficial methods in order to manage his life and to control some natural phenomena. This is so awkward and futile compared to the state he is in.

Justifying every state means reaching the root of creation in every state, on every level. When these two forces are balanced, I see how the force of bestowal is dressed in the force of receiving according to the law of equivalence of form between them. Then I see what happens in the force of bestowal, in the created being as he identifies with and is adhered to the upper force of bestowal, to the Creator. Then I justify the creation as the created being reaches the level of the Creator, which means the state of the absolute good and benevolent.

In the meantime, as long as I haven’t reached a correction in which I feel and discover the Creator as the good and benevolent, my states are called work states. I have to justify them too, which means to try and reach the justification. I cannot say that the Creator is good and benevolent and at the same time cry out in pain. It is only “from Your actions we shall know You.” I don’t know what the good and the benevolent is if I haven’t attained it. The good and the benevolent is different in every state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/13, Shamati #15 “What Is Other Gods in the Work”

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