The First Drink Of Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said that “confidence is the clothing for the Light.” Confidence refers to the Returning Light, the Light of Hassadim, a state of a righteous who doesn’t even have a shirt but doesn’t need one either, because he has such a strong Light of confidence.

We don’t understand this since our whole world exists by the force of receiving. The Creator is the force of bestowal, the spiritual world, that is our spiritual state which is in accordance with the Creator, means that we with our force of receiving acquire the Creator’s force of bestowal and manage to integrate these two forces in us.

The spiritual world, which means our spiritual state, is established when we balance these two forces. We don’t understand what the force of bestowal is. It’s a totally different heart and mind. It isn’t just an opposite state that we can somehow imagine as being like the opposite of our state. It’s impossible to imagine it since there is nothing in us that belongs to bestowal, to giving. Whatever we consider bestowal is not bestowal at all.

Therefore, it says: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Acquiring a second nature is called birth, redemption, as it it written: “I have seen an opposite world.” The force of bestowal is attained from Above. Only when the Reforming Light comes do we feel and understand what it is by starting to work with it to some extent.

Our first impression of the Light that Reforms is a certain feeling of freedom, of being independent of the desire to receive, of the desire to fill myself, of worrying about myself, of the constant feeling of my vessel, of the deficiency, of looking for something else that can fill me. Once we experience the first feeling of freedom, we also have a feeling of confidence. We stop examining and checking our vessel, how full it is and to what extent it needs a filling, and measuring everything with regard to myself.

We stop asking, “What have I got?” and begin to ask, “What can I give?” or at least try to do so. We receive the Light that Reforms that raises us and brings us to a level on which we become independent of our desire to receive. This means that one acquires confidence. The more we can restrict ourselves and the higher we raise the Returning Light by wanting to fulfill bestowal by ourselves, the more we acquire the force of confidence and the Light of Hassadim in which we can reveal the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/13, Shamati #72 “Confidence Is the Clothing for the Light”

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