Divide The Collective Burden Between Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the whole vessel everything is connected together: the deficiencies, the flaws, the refinements, and the attainments. Everything is linked together and interwoven into one whole: reception and bestowal, a sense of the depth of the vessel and the height of the Light. But when the vessel is shattered and separated into many small parts, then each and every part receives some unique characteristic that is typical only of it. And therefore everyone feels their own difficulties and suffers from the shattering, but each one in his very unique way.

We must try to see in each and every friend that the sufferings with which he lives are the sufferings that he endures for everyone. Each one receives some part of the vessel, of the collective burden: one receives one thing, and a second receives something else, and so forth. And each one carries what he receives for all, a carrier of some type of deficiency. That is how the shattering divides us from one another.

Therefore, we need to see the problems of each and every one not as his personal problems and difficulties, but our shared problems and difficulties. He just loaded them on his back, that i, he received instructions from Above to carry this burden. And the second one was chosen to bear another burden, and the third bears another and so forth. And from this we must change our attitude to the friends and appreciate their work in clarification and correction of our collective problems. In the end, we must reach a state where we see every person, man or woman, as a bearer of some specific flaw of the entire world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/14, Workshop

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