Reconciliation Of Confronting Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible that sages argue and cannot come to an agreement with each other?

Answer: If I don’t agree with someone it means that we have not reached unity. It’s not our brain that is the “guilty” party here. Our intellect only helps to clarify the degree of the detachment of our desires.

Naturally, we are always separated from each other and disconnected in our desires. There is a gap between us that doesn’t let us get closer. I don’t ask others to share my opinion! It’s better if we stick to our views and yet try to unite in order to please the Creator.

Everybody should retain their properties and opinions. However, we should rise above the desires and views that we have and connect above them; in other words, the Creator is the one who reconciles us. It doesn’t happen in this world, and we are unable to understand how it works. That’s why we think that arguments and fights among sages are really strange, particularly and especially the animosity that they feel towards each other.

Real hostility emerges because we come to the conclusion that we don’t have too much in common. We reveal the evil force that is called “Klipat Eimori” and see that it doesn’t belong to the land of Israel. Then, we break the Klipa and enter the Holy Land. By all means each of us still preserves their opinions and views. However, since we share a common goal, we stop arguing with each other.

We will always encounter problems since every soul is different. Even if the dissimilarity among us “weighs” only one gram or if we differ only in one property, we still will be opposite to others. Our work will also be different. That’s why we are opposite to and completely detached from each other. On our rise to the world of Infinity, there are no identical souls. We attain a huge common desire in which none of us is similar to others. Rather, all of us are overwhelmed with a terrible animosity that is caused by our complete dissimilarity.

At such a high level, we can connect with each other only through the Creator, not through the qualities that we share with others. The higher we rise, the clearer the understanding that we don’t have any connection with others becomes. It’s similar to the arguments that happen among great sages. The greater they are, the more furious their disputes and the more dissimilarity they sense. Common people are puzzled and do not understand why they argue about complete nonsense. However, for sages these issues are not trivial at all. These trivialities are in fact their entire reality, their whole world. It explains why they are unable to reach the agreement with each other.

Each of them acts in their own lines, which never cross. Connection among them is possible only through the Creator. The more advanced they are, the more rigid this requirement. When they reach the very last step it becomes possible for them to connect only through Him, so that “the One Who makes peace in Heaven establishes peace among us.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/13, The Zohar

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