Praising Is Not Flattery

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash “Mighty Rock of My Salvation”: In the Hanukkah song we say, “Mighty rock of my salvation, to praise You is a delight; Restore my House of Prayer, and there we will bring a thanksgiving offering.” The song begins with words of praise, “To praise You is a delight,” and then begins with words of prayer, “Restore my House of Prayer.”

Afterwards, it returns to words of thanksgiving and praise, “And there we will bring a thanksgiving offering.”

We always evaluate the states according to the order of vessels. After all, the Light is at absolute rest, and everything depends on whether I manage to align the vessels with each other and use them correctly in accordance with the appropriate measures of “depth” and “transparency,” in one form or another. Consistent with this, I reach the maximum, most effective influence of the Light.

Similarly, we arrange our request if, for example, we appeal to the public authorities. This appeal should be correctly formulated and brought to the “right” people, and sometimes we need to use patronage in our uncorrected world…

In short, the procedure should be very clear. We act, beginning with the purer desires and continuing with “coarser” desires, from the less important to more important, and in case of need, vice versa.

But before we turn to the Creator, I have to “develop” gratitude within myself, the awareness of the importance of the goal, the importance of the Giver, and His greatness. It is projected on the filth of our world as flattery and subservience to help get what you want. However, there is no patronage in spirituality; I elevate Him in my eyes, and this arranges my vessels, desires, correctly. Thus, I get closer to Him.

Anyway, changes occur only in the vessels and the Light remains unchanged. Thanks and praise are required not to appease the Creator but for us ourselves; they let us get closer to Him.

But not because He somewhat softens toward us. Nothing changes in Him. Now I see that He is smiling and then is angry. However, no matter what, I reveal all this in my own perception. And in Him, all the faces are the same, without any discrimination without any form…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/13, Writings of Rabash

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