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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: According to our experience, there are circumstances where, while we are still sitting in the integral circle, one of the participants begins to feel nervous, aggressive, and hatred. What should we do if someone expresses irritation by what the others say? Should he hide it, be silent, or let off steam in the circle?

Answer: There is no need to let off steam, but rather, just talk about how you feel, and the people in the circle need to clarify why this is happening. After all, a new stream of ego is penetrating into you, and suddenly you began to look at a person not objectively, but through your new egoistic desire. You don’t like him, he annoys you; it is not important what. So now you should clarify with the help of the correct ego how to raise yourself to the next level.

At the moment, you are not in command of yourself. You cannot remember that this is done intentionally. Therefore, you need to turn to the members of the workshop for help, but only if this doesn’t conflict with the general flow so that you will not begin to divert the others from the main topic when you describe how repulsive everyone is to you.

Question: What is the mechanism for clarifying this state? How does this take place?

Answer: After the person gives us part of how he feels, we need to bring him to awareness, to raise him to our level.

After all, nothing is by chance. He got some ego to help us, too. He is found together with us in the same network; he is linked to us. It cannot be that, suddenly, the ego jumped into him, and he needs to swallow it. Since we are found with him in the same system, you see that, somehow, he needs to convey this to us. You see, with the help of this ego, all of us can ascend. We need to look at this process as our guidance from above.

Question: What is the mechanism to clarify this condition? How does this happen?

Answer: So, he says, “Guys, I am torn apart; everything is boiling in me,” and everyone must react. We begin to discuss why and for what purpose this was done. We relate to this as to an objective reason for all of us since we are in the same network, and this touches everyone. At the moment that we are sitting around one table and are gathered together, that’s it. There is nothing personal.

This situation was given to us so that, by working together, we would rise above the ego of our friend. Through conversation, by working on the situation, agreeing that there is nothing bad in nature, that all this is for the sake of our development, that, through the states of the friend, nature is presenting to us an example of its evolution. We transform the negative, egoistic outburst of the friend into something positive, and thanks to him, we rise.

Perhaps in this case it is not necessary to take up any other topic for the workshop. We turn to discussing this situation in a conscious manner, and this will be the best solution for us. We all can ascend. After all, it is clear to us that the idea is not about the friend who is sitting there and boiling; rather, all this comes to us from the upper management in order to give us an opportunity for ascent.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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