Integral Education And Information – This Is A Continuation Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why don’t you say that the method of integral education and information is our higher level, where the entire world must become a group? And of course, in this case, we must descend from our spiritual height, find language suitable for the general public, adapt, and rewrite the Kabbalistic articles, to find common ground with the aspirations of the masses so that there will be a basis for union with the entire world, to combine their desires with us, and so we go out with broad dissemination of integral education and information?

People who have been with you for a long time are leaving the wisdom of Kabbalah—deleting their accounts, “We are not with you!”—because of integral education, because they are in the dark; they don’t understand what this is for. They cannot appreciate your idea, and it seems to them that you surround yourself with naïve people who dance in your presence to the sound of the music, and everything is good. (I wanted to upset everyone, but I haven’t succeeded).

Answer: It is difficult to explain to people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah (i.e., that have a desire and within it, a “point in the heart”) that the integral union of all of humanity is the correction of the shattering of Malchut (the correction of Adam, the only soul that was created), even though they are studying this through the system of worlds, and I explain this to my students throughout the world in every lesson!

The idea is that the person who is involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah must evolve to understand the method of correction. After all, through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, he develops his point in the heart and only when it reaches a particular development will he understand that spiritual attainment, meaning, attainment within him of the characteristic of bestowal, takes place only according to the degree that he connects with a group, to its center, with its common characteristic of Arvut (guarantee), and this could take years of intensive study.

Then, when a person understands the need to unite with a group and he works on this, he will feel that he has no need or desire for connection, and if, in spite of it all he continues to study and to act within a group, the additional efforts will lead him to an understanding that he can get the aspiration to unite in a group in order to discover the Creator from an outer circle of people if he begins to attract them toward unity. Reaching this understanding also could take several years, and then he understands that he needs to study the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to work in a group and integral education in order to work with the world. It is possible to decrease this time only through blindly carrying out the instructions of the teacher. Yet, only particular individuals are prepared to do this.

Those people toward whom we turn are another matter. They only have a need to organize this life (the desires of this world without a point in the heart), and therefore, they can quickly and easily understand and accept the method of integral education and information.

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