The Collapse Of The American Dream

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Russian Bazaar): “Once the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world. Almost everyone had a house, a couple of good cars and the ability to provide a comfortable life for his family. However, the bulk of this was done on credit – but at least then people had the ability to pay their loans on time.

“Unfortunately, those days are over. In today’s America, prices, unlike revenue, grow at an astounding pace; jobs are scarce, and most of the created jobs are low paying.

“In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, millions of American families plunge deeper into debt, and millions of others are forced to seek help from the authorities.

“Unfortunately, today’s politicians do nothing while jobs go overseas, inflation destroys purchasing power, and the middle class continues to shrink.”

My Comment: This is the natural tendency of the evolution of egoistic society. No attempts by the government to prevent a further decline in the standard of living and in the feeling of wellbeing will bring any result. Ahead, is the prolonged agony of the thousand-year period of the human egoistic development and an enforced (by suffering) or voluntarily (by awareness) change to the altruistic development and the achievement of universal unity toward the similarity with the Creator.

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