An X-Ray Of The Integral World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I do not know if I receive a blow because of a certain lack of correction if I live in an integral world. Maybe I strayed along the path and in this way the Creator brings me back to it, or perhaps it is just the external problems of the entire generation. So, how can a person check himself to make sure that he works correctly along the way?

Answer: The integral world is a reflection of the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). We are already in Ein Sof, but it is concealed from us. So, we to orient ourselves to Ein Sof since, as it is said, “The end of the action is in the initial thought.” This means that I must understand that I see a shattered reality before me since this is how I feel it in my senses. But, in fact, it is one reality since there is only one soul filled with one Light, and one force that sustains all this in perfect unity.

So, how can I feel this by my own efforts every moment of my life?

A person is given small problems to deal with since he can. There are greater global problems that he cannot solve at the moment.

It is as if I must be X-rayed. I stand in front of the machine, get x-rayed, and the picture is shown to me. I see stars and planets in it, and then the earth and different creatures on the surface of the earth: the still nature, vegetation, animals, and people. Somewhere in the distances, there are stars and galaxies that are exploding. The earth is burning from within, and we are living on its thin crust, thinly covered with vegetation like hair on a head. There are animals and tiny people walking on its surface, and I see all of that in the X-ray.

However, I am told not to worry about the whole big picture! I am told to leave all the stars and earth with its vegetation, and to begin focusing on what is in my power to correct now.

So, I narrow down my vision and stop worrying about the entire world since I don’t have the tools to correct it anyway. There is no point in just sitting and crying desperately about what is happening somewhere in Honolulu.

So, first, I am given a group of ten people because I cannot perceive more than ten people in my mind. I must focus on this group of ten and establish my attitude toward the entire world as I see it in the X-ray’s picture. However, through this group of ten, I can remain focused on them. I can relate to everything else correctly according to my connection with them, to what happens outside the boundaries of the group.

I must believe that, if I establish the right attitude inside the group, it will be enough for me to establish a correct attitude toward the entire world. If people suddenly come complaining to me that I didn’t take care of a distant Zulu tribe at the other end of the world, I will answer that I couldn’t since I looked at the entire world through the group. I suggest that they look through that lens in order to find that out! They should come, look, and see that I really couldn’t do anything, and then they would say that I am not guilty of anything.

Thus, I constantly look at reality through the group. If I problems come to me through a whole group, then perhaps they involve all of humanity or the entire planet, but I must know that they were revealed to me because I can keep them in focus because of my connection with the group. They already are incorporated in the picture that I see in the lens that focuses my sight. This means that such an event is already in my sight.

This is how I advance. In the meantime, I cannot encompass the entire world and worry about everything. I only know one thing: If I worry about what I have to do according to my level, it will be my positive effect on reality. This is all I can do, and I am not required to do more, just as a small child is asked to do only what he can, according to his age.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/13, Shamati #70, “With A Mighty Hand and with Fury Poured Out

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