The Highest Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we move from a person’s egoistic care for others to care, independent of egoism? How can one get rid of the egoistic desire that pushes him to take care of others?

Answer: It is a very high level when you already feel the Creator and are in the state of connection with this positive force of bestowal and love.

Then you begin to feel the need to give and love absolutely unconditionally, not as we imagine this today, but without any regard for oneself, without receiving any reward in any form; this is only from the state of feeling eternity, perfection, infinity.

It is impossible to put into words because it is a completely different feeling and understanding of the world, which comes to the extent of the realization and absorption of the altruistic quality of bestowal and love in oneself.
From the Convention in Bulgaria 01/11/2013, Lesson 1

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  1. thank you, when I relax in my backyard an I have a brewski, an see Gods beautiful birds an trees, I have to remind myself not to selfish by getting too brewskid out thanks!

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