The Red Letter Day?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How far are we from the first spiritual degree? Can we measure this?

Answer: The fact is that our world group is not quite homogeneous. The concept of “we” is very vague, as a cloud.

I think that the central part of the world group that systematically, as far as the external circumstances allow, engages in the studies, internal work in the group, and dissemination, has now come to the state where within a year it will begin to reveal a clear interaction with the upper force.

In line with this, we will have ups and downs. The higher we rise, the stronger descents we will have, and to the extent we can overcome them, we will succeed.

You asked me a question, which is not in my power to answer. This is the freedom of will; moreover, the freedom of will of a great number of people. Precisely, your conscious collective decision in mutual support, in mutual responsibility, will decide when you are able to reveal the upper world. Everything depends only on you!

Indeed, it is not a date on the calendar. When you create the required tension between yourselves, then you will succeed. But I think that at the pace in which we are growing today, this should happen within six to twelve months, or maybe even sooner. However, the revelation relates only to those who are engaged in serious internal work, and the rest will join as they become included into it.

The group that will feel the upper world (and some people are already there), increasingly more strongly, entering into communication with the upper force, feeling a new dimension, rising above the level of their material existence, and will start seeing themselves and this world the way we see pets that live next to us. This is the way people will look at their animal component relative to their spiritual component that is being born in them. I think this will happen quickly.

But I repeat once again, it all depends on how much a person under the influence of the internal force, the so-called Upper Light, will develop spiritual sensory organs in himself.
From the Convention in Bulgaria 01/11/2013, Lesson 1

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