The Materialistic Psychology Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanLove does not belong in our world. If you start to relate to others with love, it means that the soul has begun to operate in you. However, now you have just one broken point from that soul. If from that point you start building an attitude of love for another person and creating this “vector” of intention, the aspiration called love, it will become your soul.

It will be built on your desire to enjoy, which was corrected by the intention “for the sake of bestowal.” This is called love.

If you acquire this intention, then you will become a spiritual person. Inside this attitude to another person you will start revealing the Light of NaRaNHY, the upper worlds, everything that is between you and the other.

This will continue until you feel him completely the way you feel yourself, experiencing the two of you as one whole. This means that you have attained the world of Infinity because there are no boundaries, no limitations left. This signifies the spiritual world.

I have to relate to everything that happens with love. However, if someone attacks me with a knife, then what should I do? I must also take a knife and kill him, but with love…. That is the law. And if a Levi, a tax collector comes to me and tells me that I have to pay him, then I will pay him. Inside, in my heart, I may be crying over my empty wallet, but my soul will rejoice.

We have to understand that our attitude to the neighbor is built on our desire to enjoy and its correction for the sake of bestowal! If I take all the needs of another person and fill them using my desire, that means I love him.

However, if I merely restrict my desire in order to avoid harming another person, that means I am in the state of “bestowal for the sake of bestowal” (Hafetz Hesed), but not love. It is written, “Do not do to another what you yourself hate.” This is the test of how I should relate to him. If you don’t like something yourself, then don’t do it to another.

But maybe there is also something that he likes? I don’t know that because I can only test it by my own desires. This is “materialistic psychology.”

Love is also not beyond materialistic psychology. Yet, in this case I feel another person so much that I feel his desires. Therefore, I take them and fulfill them by what I can practically fill them with using my desires and opportunities.

If I love the neighbor and absorb his desires, then I can raise his request (MAN) to the very world of Infinity! He cannot do this himself, but I can do it for him!

In spirituality, none of us can take a bite and put it in our mouth directly. We can only eat it if I give it to you and you give it to me. And it can only happen on the condition that I know exactly what you want and you know the same about me! Then you will be able to place that bite into my mouth, and I for you. That is how we are connected and none of us can receive fulfillment by himself.

And all of that has to happen here, in this world! The Light of Infinity has to expand down to this world, as it is written, “His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives.” Spiritual relationships will become such that you will not be able to act differently in the material world as well.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/11, “The Quality of the Hidden Wisdom – in General”

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