I Don’t Want To Be A Weather Vane Spinning In The Wind

Dr. Michael LaitmanSometimes a person sits with an expression on his as if life is over and has lost all value for him; this entire world is not worth anything, and to live an empty life is worse than death. He wonders why he is still living in this world and regrets feeling this reality at all. He thinks, “I wish I had never been born and lived.”

Where does he suddenly get a mood like this? It is the Creator who sends him a feeling like this.

And sometimes it is the opposite, he suddenly feels unusual burst of energy, full of laughter and joy, full of excitement, ready to embrace everyone, to skip and dance. Where does this mood come from? Also from divine providence. And what do you do with these polar states? It is not good to be in one extreme or another. For then you are like a weather vane, constantly twisting in the direction the wind blows.

So you are spinning around obediently according to a higher guidance: Wherever it turns you, this is your life. And in fact it doesn’t matter what you do or what you don’t do because you are guided you from above, controlling your actions and feelings. You only spin around and around like a weather vane in the wind….

But if a person understands this and cannot endure this and does not agree to be a puppet of the Creator, who alone is in control, he says: “No! I have to decide for myself,” and he demands that Creator leave a place for him. And then he discovers that there really is an empty place! The Creator already concealed Himself from the start and gave him this field of activity called “this world.”

There is no other place where the Creator intentionally concealed Himself from the start and gave you the opportunity to do everything that you want. And now with the help of the environment, you can build a relationship to reality to neutralize the presence of the Creator and fill this empty place by yourself, exactly in the form that the Creator would have filled it if He were revealed.

Why isn’t the Creator revealed in this place called “this world”? Because He lacks “clothing” because He is concealed. A person constructs this “clothing” and to the degree that he does this, he discovers the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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