Variations On The Concept Of The Groups Of Ten

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our group is composed of ten people and we consider ourselves to be a “group of ten.” Is it necessary to divide the group, do we need to change the composition of the “group of ten”?

Answer: If you are simply a “group of ten” and you don’t have more people, there is no need to break it up; remain with this group of ten.

When I talk about mixing the groups of ten, I mean large groups, groups like in Kiev, Moscow, and St. Petersburg where there are large numbers of people who can be divided into groups of ten and can change all the time.

For example, our leading students, our most active friends, whom you see all the time, suddenly find themselves in a group of ten with those you never see on the screen. These people sit quietly, don’t stand out, some of them have difficulty speaking Hebrew. And surprisingly, our active students discover wonderful people among our “silent” students who are very active internally and not externally, so it is simply wonderful to work together with them in a group of ten! And after this, they tell me that they never thought, didn’t feel, and didn’t know that we have such strong friends like these.

Therefore it is very important to mix, in completely different, opposite conditions, and combinations.

Suppose that ten people gather in order to solve some question together; through a discussion in the center of the group, they attain such a connection where each one goes “outside of himself,” and then the question is much better clarified because it becomes closer to the Creator. We begin to look at it this way, as the Creator looks at it, and from this we can solve this question.

With this, the role of the group of ten is finished. The next time, the group of ten will work identically.

Question: If we mix the group of ten, what do we do with the reading of the evening passage and the articles of association? Maybe it is necessary to leave the reading with the previous group of ten?

Answer: Now we are fully involved with the care of virtual education; we are going out to people both through the Internet and also directly. For us this is the most important thing!

Therefore all of your thoughts and reflections on mixing or preparation like this or in another way, all this is childish talk. When you begin to go out to the world and work with strangers, problems about this, questions about this, will arise for you; you will have a pressing need to be in a group of ten and to connect yourselves with the Creator, with me, with the whole group or the group of ten because otherwise you will not be able to do anything outside!

The audience with which you are beginning to come in contact will obligate you to find the correct contact between all the components: the Creator, yourselves, your group, me, the world group, and so on. But if you don’t go out to the people, then no need like this will appear within you. Therefore all of your theories regarding the groups of ten, in what manner to mix them, seem irrelevant, lacking any serious healthy basis.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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