Think Of What You Will Be Left With

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou already need to search for better systems by yourselves to remind each other that all of our activities are performed only for the sake of the Creator. But you need to begin to feel that from within the material as if the air suddenly turned thick and you can “realize” the forces that operate within it, the “filling” that fills the spaces between you.

We are within the creation and the only difference is the extent of the realization of the connection between its parts that you now see and feel. In all of this picture, which is grasped by us through the five senses, only one addition is missing, and that is the connection between all of its parts, the connecting field that unites everything and transfers any emotional and intellectual information.

This field that is revealed in the connection between us is called the upper world, which connects all the particles that are felt by us. And the Creator is the general Light. The Light of NRNHY (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, Yechida), which we discover, which is like an electric current flowing in the network. But the program that is revealed to us is already the Creator.

There are all kinds of signals, “electrical currents,” that flow between the parts, all kinds of individual processes, which in the meantime, all belong to the system itself, to the Light of NRNHY. And the component which connects them: The general thought that transmits this program, which maintains all of this hardware and manages it, is the Creator.

But all of this is revealed in this world. Thus, it is said that the wisdom of Kabbalah is the system of revealing the Creator to the creatures of this world, among those parts that we now come in contact with. The physical body dies, and if you aren’t included in this system, then there is nothing left of you except Reshimot (information genes) that weren’t realized. Take that into consideration.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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