People Fall In Love And Connect On A Genetic Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Nature International Weekly Journal of Science): “Social scientists reveal genetic patterns in social networks. Researchers have found genetic patterns in groups of friends, but not everyone is convinced. Groups of friends show patterns of genetic similarity, according to a study published today in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“The findings are based on patterns of variation in two out of six genes sampled among friends and strangers. But the claim is a hard sell for some geneticists, who say that the researchers have not analysed enough genes to rule out alternative explanations. …

“’When people choose friends with similar genotypes, an individual’s fitness — or survival until reproduction — not only reflects their own genes but also the genes of the friends they’ve chosen,’ says Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an author on the study. In other words, there might be an evolutionary benefit to having friends with compatible genes, even if you don’t have any offspring with them. For example, if people who are naturally less susceptible to bacterial infection hang around together, their collective health as a group multiplies because the bacteria have no vulnerable hosts.”

My Comment: Of course, everything is commanded by nature, and all the “human” in us is no more than its programs that govern us “from above,” such as GPS that would drive cars without a driver. The entire egoism; i.e., all matter of our world is completely controlled by nature or the Creator.

Only if a person wants to accelerate his spiritual development, that is, go against his egoism, in unity of the group, his actions in this are independent. Therefore, he is responsible only for them—how well he used the opportunity of his independent spiritual (anti-egoistic) development.

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