Everyone Has His Own World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” (Mishpatim), 22:17: Thou shalt not suffer a sorceress to live.

A person is a whole world and it is as if the world is reflected in him. If we speak about a person’s inner world, then a “sorceress” is nothing but his own attribute. Each of us wants to believe in something, we drag something behind us from our childhood and even certain gloomy tendencies, concepts, and beliefs from the depths of earlier times.

This actually has no part in the world. According to Kabbalah, the world is absolutely corporeal, and even the spirituality of the world is corporeal just like the whole world. We have to regard it in a totally realistic manner. Whatever we attain is what we can work with. So we have to take into account only the laws, the attributes, that we discover.

Kabbalists discover even deeper attributes than scientists do. They work with these attributes and perform experiments, tests, retests, analysis, and synthesis. All this knowledge is accumulated from one generation to another; every generation examines it and advances, discovering nature even more deeply.

So there is no room for any religions or mistakes, since the attitude towards the world has to be according to this important law and study, which is “a judge has only what his eyes can see,” which means that there are no others means of attainment. So we mustn’t speak about different religions and beliefs.

According to Kabbalah “belief” refers to the attribute of bestowal, when a person makes an effort and rises above his egoistic attribute of receiving and reaches the attribute of bestowal. So a “sorceress” is a person who believes in unnatural phenomena which are totally unrealistic. We speak about a reality that repeats and which can be studied by different people in different times, which makes it a scientific phenomenon only, which can be proven, which means that it’s a fact. We don’t rely on anything but facts!

Question: What if someone asks you to prove and to show him.

Answer: It’s impossible to prove or to show anything. If I don’t see well and I don’t have glasses and you tell me that there is a cupboard over there, can I believe you? After all, I cannot prove it.

This means that I have to acquire certain attributes by which I can prove or contradict what you say. In that case, I hear things that actually don’t exist for me. So for every person the world exists only to the extent that he attains it.

Question: Does this mean that you tell and explain to a person that he has to check everything out by himself and not believe you?

Answer: No. I don’t impose this picture on him! I don’t tell a person what he has to reach, since now he will not be able to see it anyway since he doesn’t know what a cupboard is if he has never seen one. I explain how to attain and expand the boundaries of his attainment.

Only those who engage in Kabbalah, whose name comes from the word “receive,”  expand and receive more and more knowledge. It only speaks about developing new means of attainment in a person by which he already attains everything by himself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/13

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