Combat Mission: To Grab And Not Let Go

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The text of The Book of Zohar, which we read in class, describes plenty of states. How can we sort them out?

Answer: You don’t need to sort them out; there is no need to memorize anything. If while reading you are a little bit connected, tuned in to the right frequency, that is enough. Think only about the Reforming Light that comes from the center of the group so that you could bring pleasure to the Creator. This is all you need to know.

Question: And yet, how do the states appear on the way? Are they generated by my desire, a vessel?

Answer: No. I create nothing; I only see that every second, as a guest, I have the most effective opportunity to please the Host. I continually aspire to this, “keeping my nose to the wind,” and looking for this opportunity: How can I implement it in intention, thought, and action?

In that case, it is just the chances used by me. I myself cannot figure out all the options because every time I see a new world before me faced with new conditions. Nothing is repeated and we know nothing in advance. Our path is endless changes, ongoing surprises. The ten Sefirot are the same, but each time they come up with new Reshimot.

It turns out that I choose nothing and happily accept every state as an opportunity to perform bestowal. Everything is useful, ascents and descents, the right and the left lines, any interactions and connections, on this undulating path. No matter what changes it prepares for me, it’s better because they allow me to figure out how true my intentions are, whether I can maintain and even strengthen adhesion on any peak and valley, in any turn.

My work in fact is very simple: to grab like a “bulldog” and not let go. Hold the intention only on being “focused” on the Host, constantly adapting your environment, your states, to this. And even if I am experiencing ups and downs, I use these “bumps” to hold on even stronger.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/13, The Zohar

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