A Unique Opportunity To Advance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we clarify the desires of people we meet outside after our morning connection, and put them on the chat of our group of ten and process them together with our connection and bring them to the Creator? Is such an exercise to determine the mutual connection meaningful?

Answer: What do you mean by “to clarify the desires of people that we meet outside?” Of course, you can listen to them. Yet, the main thing is not their desires but how you convince people and prove to them that they can fulfill their desires. Every desire is created by the Creator. There is no desire that has not gone through different phases of development and then been filled with Light. So, you must prove to a person that it is all possible and that he only needs to create the conditions for fulfilling his desire.

This happens with the help of a special force that exists in the world, in nature. It is called the force of connection. So, let’s try and connect and then we will discover this force since it is in our unity. Let’s bring it out, take it, and use it. It is all real and in our power.

Let’s try to get together and have a workshop and see if it is so or not. It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t need to spend any money on it, just some time. What do we usually spend our time on? Is it on torturing ourselves? So, it is better if we actually find this special force, this special attribute, the special ability to fulfill our desires, to correct our state in such a way that no one in the world will stand in our way. We are responsible for our own happiness.

When you begin to talk to people this way and not just write down what they want—like a waiter who is taking an order from a customer—totally new vessels are formed in you. This is how integral education differs from theoretical work in the group. So, what you offer is not enough at all!

We see that we have been engaged only in ourselves for years and that it has led to nothing. Now, when we have such an opportunity, we must understand its uniqueness and seize it!
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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