Updating The Action Of Creation Every Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we hold on to the group if we get a new form, a new burdening of the heart, and it is difficult to justify the Creator?

Answer: Anyone who is included in the group, from time to time gets new forms, passes through ups and downs. And between them, he passes a breakpoint on the top of the wave crest and on the lower, the point of rupture, breaking. It is possible to stay in such conditions only if you are connected with some kind of support that will hold you. If you have nothing remaining of the old form and you have no new form, but only one Reshimo, then you are as if suspended in the air.

There are several such moments in the states of ascent and descent, when a person loses any orientation, completely breaking away from the old form. It’s like he begins his life anew, from a drop of semen, he starts from the state that he has nothing, from “nothing” (Ayin) because our material is being updated, “emerging out of nothing” (Yesh mi-Ain).

The Reshimo is a pure information gene, without any material. When the material, emerging out of nothing is updated, you seemingly go through an energy barrier. As if you come with your material to a wall, run into it, but only the Reshimo, energy, can pass through that wall. And behind the wall, the Reshimo acquires material again—up to the next wall. Only some information passes through another wall, and so you advance.

When you turn into an information gene, it is no longer you, but the very Reshimo that “emerged from nothing,” created by the Creator in the original act of creation (Maase Beresheet). Now, a part of this initial action of creation is happening to you, and the same thing with any other. It means: “Every day updating the actions of Creation.”

A new form is a new life, new heaven, new earth, everything anew. Even a person just starting out his path feels the first such change in himself, as if changing his clothes—10 Sefirot. This is a new perception, a new sensation, a new attitude. Sometimes this transition takes a long time and the person gets in a vague state, as in a fog. The main thing is to understand that this development is typical for the human, unlike animals.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/2/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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