The Transition Point Between Truth And Falsehood

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s Letter No. 16: Hence, if a person is idle in the work, he cannot see the truth, that he is immersed in falsehood. But by increasing Torah in order to bestow contentment upon his Maker, one can then see the truth: that he is walking on a false path, called Lo Lishma. And this is the middle point between truth and falsehood. Hence, we must be strong and confident on our way, so every day will be as new to us, as we need to always renew our foundations, and then we shall march forward.

We are able to identify the true way on condition that we are not idle and that we apply every effort derived from our environment to approach bestowal, first, among friends and then with the Creator. If one tries to bestow and enhance the greatness of the goal, attempts to strengthen the influence of one’s environment, in other words, if one improves all the positive factors that contribute to one’s advancement, only then one will recognize one’s evil inclination, will distinguish the truth and understand that he is walking on a false path, called Lo Lishma.

“And this is a transition point between truth and falsehood.” In other words, we apply all possible efforts to follow the correct path. Only under this condition can we reveal that we are going the wrong way. This revelation is in fact a reward for our work.

We don’t realize the value of this compensation since we feel bad and think that we haven’t achieved anything at all. However, it signifies that we have attained positive results, because we disclose the shattering, recognize our oppositeness to the Creator, and detect the properties that we have to correct. By correcting them, we come to spirituality and achieve similarity with our goal.

That’s why the Creator gives us a reward—the revelation of our egoism—by showing us how opposite we are to Him. This is the first true attainment of our oppositeness with Him; that’s why it’s called a transition point between truth and falsehood. This is the first measurement of the Creator! When we correct the evil and turn it into its opposite, we become similar to the Creator and adhere to Him.

This process happens at each level. Our task is to enhance our aspiration to bestowal and love. Then, as a reward, we’ll reveal the opposite states, hatred, detachment…and we’ll scream to the Creator: “Save us!” Then, the Light that Reforms will descend and correct us.

When we reach a new level of correction, we should continue working with the help of our environment and pursue the right line. Then, as a reward, we’ll disclose the left line and the sinners will appear. Then again, we will be happy to see them, since at this point, we’ll already have something to correct, thus getting a chance to become similar to the Creator. This situation repeats over and over again.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/13

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