Women’s Work Along Two Lines

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our virtual women’s group of ten gathers after every lecture. We share our impressions, read Shamati together and there is a feeling that we recharge one another. Is there anything spiritual in that or are women exempt from doing that?

Answer: First of all women need everything that men need. Second, a person is where his thoughts are, so you are doing a great job. Connect and think that it’s very important.

If you are not connected you will not be able to impress the men. Each woman is powerless by herself. Only if you are connected, at least in a group of ten, will you be able to impress the men. They will begin to subconsciously feel that you are pressuring them, that you demand of them just like a woman demands of her husband.

This is how we are made! And it’s very important! So encouraging and demanding at the same time is a woman’s work along two lines. We have to use that. Men who don’t perceive that will deprive themselves of the strongest means to advance! They mustn’t refuse that. Otherwise they will have no incentive.

It’s the female nature that can obligate a man to act. Even psychologists and historians speak about the fact that a man can do anything for a woman. Such mutual cooperation is part of our nature.

So you have to act together and to impress the men’s group together and actually demand that they pay attention to you and take your yearning seriously. It is serious work. I see that wherever there is a strong women’s group, the men are also successful.
From the Convention in Krasnoyarsk 6/13/13, Lesson 3

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