What Turns The Wheel

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator vacates a place for Himself within us, giving us a feeling of coldness. But essentially this is not coldness or distancing. We were in a state of cohesion in our small group. Now the Creator extended this circle, and we feel that we don’t have control over the empty place that is created.

What Turns The Wheel
Before we only felt ourselves within our circle where a sense of the convention reigned. And now, after the convention has ended, we feel this empty place that grows more and more every day.

If it keeps on going this way, ultimately all the memories of the past will disappear and we will return again to the beastly state. Why does the Creator do this? So that now, while we are feeling how He is moving away from us and how the feeling of our unity dissolves, we will want to fill this empty place with the Creator. Because we understand that we are not ready to retain and keep the warm feelings that were there with our own powers and that it’s going further and further away. That is how the Creator empties a new place within us where His presence and His control must be felt.

The first thing is that we want to return to a feeling of connection. The second thing is that in order to remain in it, we need the Creator’s control instead of the emptiness that was created.

Our goal is connection, and the means for attaining it is the Creator. And now we need to switch their places, the Creator becomes the goal and the connection becomes the means. So we make a new clarification all the time and implement the opposite.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/19/13

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