True Conditions For Integral Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: For a person to be included in an integral network, at least two conditions must exist. On the one hand, it is necessary to annul ourselves in relationship to societal opinion in order to absorb everything from it. On the other hand, we need to place ourselves in such a state where my opinion is also useful to society. Are there additional conditions?

Answer: In order to create correct, equal relationships with society, we really should use many various conditions. But for now we are in pretty complicated interactions within society that are constantly changing.

First of all, when we talk to people about the creation of an integral society, it is preferable to take some narrow group. This could be a group organized within some company or in the framework of group activities, clubs, and so forth. That is, it is better to take a limited number of people, a few groups of ten, and manage the work of integral education among them.

To do this, we must put together an entire list of forms of behavior for the person in regard to society and the society in regard to the person.

We already know that if a person diminishes himself in regard to society, this helps him listen to the society’s views. On the other hand, he must add something from himself. This is to say, he needs to present himself as a very important component of the society and be prepared to give something to it.

Every member of a group must understand that in order for people to have some kind of motivation and incentive, we need to talk to them about the importance of the goal that they will attain.

Besides this, they must support each other with a good spirit and exalted attitude. Special means, like songs and shared meals, are imperative for this, something that will connect them so that they don’t just sit and talk.

They must always organize events like talks around a roundtable and workshops where they exchange opinions and learn how to converse. It very well could be that they need to invite actors who will speak with them and guide them as to how to speak to each other.

We are speaking here about our inner nature that wants to exploit everyone only for its own sake. That is, I know that I am an egoist and I am ready to shoot everyone. We understand that this is our essence. Yet, beyond this, outside it, is up to us to play at being good people, to play with myself and with others without pretense but seriously, precisely in order to see and build such a society. Like little children who play at being adults, we gather in small groups of three to four people.

In order for the action of the game to be effective, we require actors and even directors and producers who will explain to us, “Now, we are playing at being in a future society that we want to attain. Therefore, first of all, we need to discuss in a workshop what we want to attain, fantasize a little, and then implement it.

In a form like this, we awaken the integral forces that are concealed in nature and that connect all of us. The truth is that we already are found in this network, yet we still want to cause the developmental forces to influence us, which will direct us forward.

If a child plays at something, with this he arouses a developmental force on himself and grows in this direction. One child collects stamps, a second wants to design and build, and a third wants to be an athlete. He wants to! The main thing is that he yearns! The idea is that it is not through training, rather through desire. This desire attracts the integral force to the person that attaches him to this model. It is in this way that the person approaches it.

The same thing happens here. We need to play as much as possible at being in the new integral society. We must describe it to ourselves, imagine it, speak together about its future form, and together with our teachers, even with directors and actors who organize our system of change, training, and the correction. It is not important what we call this; we need to play at this.

Together with this, the game will remain a game. We will not be ready to get carried away and play so much so that, suddenly, we pretend that we already are living life in a wonderful form, for example in some kind of utopian “Sun City.” Our ego will not allow this. It grows all the time and will carry each one into his own particular egoistic niche.

This game is very effective. It shows us how we describe our future to ourselves, how we imagine ourselves as different and corrected, our interactions, connections, and society as a whole.

We can discuss and decide how we will organize the social development network, the system of public education for our children, the life of the family in the integral society, everything that is possible. How, for example, can we work in the healthcare system and the financial, economic, and business systems, and so forth. What will we say what will be in this society and what will not. Which problems are liable to be created and how will we solve them. All these need to be topics of workshops. All of us must discuss this.

In this form, we rise and come closer to integral conditions. We can see what we lack, how it will be possible to materialize this, and we try to realize this partially in the connection between us and a little in imagination, and meanwhile, this fantasy will remain in the realm of a dream. Yet, it will develop more and more, and approach some kind of real picture.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds”-2, 5/14/13

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