Destructive Peace-Making

Dr. Michael LaitmanAny attempts to establish peace before we are corrected leads to destruction. “Peace” among egoists just prevents them from correcting the situation. Only the category of truth can be worse when it is realized without proper preparation.

In general, these are the real vessels, desires, behind those categories, which are better not to reveal until we have obtained the screen (Masach). For example, if right now we begin to treat each other from the position of truth, then no one will be able to get along with anyone. In reality we are all different, everyone confronts others, everyone is able to receive only what it is good for him and reject what is bad for him, thus, on a whole, a terrible situation develops.

The spiritual laws of human society are a “deadly poison” until we turn them into the “elixir of life.” And that is why today the whole world is gradually sinking. In general, until today, only troubles pushed us forward and now we were given an opportunity to advance along the right path, the path of unity. We can already feel something in the fog, to recognize the way, to step on the path of acceleration, the Reshimot of which are slightly revealed in us. But anyway, the higher the spiritual categories are, the more powerful their destructive potential is in the event of incorrect use in the uncorrected vessels, desires.

Therefore, first we need to obtain the screen. Then in any case, “love will cover all crimes,” that is, I initially will aim at mercy and thus will be able to gradually realize the category of truth.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Dear Rabbi, peace will not be possible in this way, and we know it. Even Bibi knows it, so he is playing on time. Think about, all this meetings for mediators and negotiators who are visiting Jerusalem and everybody has something to say for other clowns whom we not really knew. Who is paying for all this meetings, hotelcosts or even dinners and drinks ? The tax payer of Israel, in a land with 8 Million People, in which nearly 700 thousand people are needy. See, why will the gouvernment of Israel want to give terrorists free from prison as a precondition ? Thats pretty stupid, set the temple Mount on top issue and you can save the costs for the meetings. Result: The negotiations are over. Everything else is pofile addiction of Us Presidents or other goy’s who want to be part of history, in which they do not belong. There is no chance for peace, only fight, fight like King David, and annex, what a bad word, get our land back. Set our own land free from the occupiers, the moslems, who are only there, because they do not want the jews to fullfill their prophecy. Nobody will help the jews, only the jews can do it. if it depends on Money, the Boss need to direct Mossad to kidnapp some Tycoons and confiscate their money. National interest of Israel does not end at ist landly borders , it goes beyond and all Israelites, inside and in the diaspora are part of it. In my own view, the foundation of Israel has no base , but the child is already fallen into the fountain, so we have to do the best out of it. Instead of getting pressure from the Diaspora, Mossad shall pressure the Diaspora, to come back on course. And the good is, the leader of Israel would have the right to do so, if you are able to see what Israel is, not a state , not a Nation, not a free Zone, not a Democracy, only the not yet reestablished kingdom of Hashem. This is the future inner peace for Israel and ist people, but not for the others, so who will help Israel to establish peace ? Nobody. “Love will cover all crimes “. Do you really think Rabbi, that the Antichrist will stop fighting against Moschiach, if Moschiach would love him ? Moschiach needs to cut the head of the Antichrist.

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