Changing Your Ground Floor Apartment To An Apartment On The First Floor

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are many groups that speak about love and connection. The relations between a person and society or between a person and the Creator determine the character of the society, the movement, the party, the religion, or the trend.

There are many such connections but we divide them into two: according to the need and according to a person’s yearning to attain the Creator, which doesn’t let him rest, and forces him to look for only one goal in life, for the upper force, for the reason to live, for the meaning of life, for “whom I bring pleasure to.” Such a person has to reach the root, the source of his existence.

This is the first condition according to which a person is included in a group of Kabbalists. We don’t check this attribute in anyone upon joining the group by a special instrument, but if a person doesn’t have the spark of searching for the Creator, the inclination, the passion, the inner hunger, then he doesn’t belong to that group and eventually will leave it. This may happen even after 10-15 years of study.

These years of studying are certainly not simply erased from his life because he did work during this time and it is part of the correction of his soul, but we remain with only the people in whom there is a spark that obligates them to reach the revelation of the upper force since this is the only thing they want.

This is the main and only reason for being in a group and everything else is only a means for attaining this goal. Gradually they accept these means but not immediately; it is done step by step as part of an inner struggle and they certainly are not ready to accept them at once. It is because all the means for revealing the Creator operate against our desire, against our natural attributes, against our habits, and against our upbringing, since they are all anti egoistic.

So it takes time for a person to finally understand and feel that the first attainment of the Creator takes place in the collective spiritual vessel, in the connection among us that obligates us to connect with all of reality.

All of reality on the levels of still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature are in a person, in the connection between people, and especially in the connection between the friends in the group. Only within the group is a person rewarded with freewill and with the choice of making it stronger or not in order to connect to it. By that he creates a place for the revelation of the Creator.

This is the only way it works: A person ascends from his ground floor, that is on the “ground” (on his desire to receive) to the first floor, to the correction of his desires. From there, together with the friends, he corrects the connection between them, and ascends to the second floor, to the revelation of the Creator who is revealed as the One who dwells in the collective vessel called Shechina.

Thus, a person reaches the goal he has yearned for from the start, not knowing what it is exactly that he is attracted to and how to fulfill this unclear desire. He goes through this long way in order to attain this goal that he has subconsciously felt is the one thing he needs in life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/06/13, Writings of Rabash

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