An Intentional Mistake Arranged From Above

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore the shattering, there was a vessel that wanted to receive the Light in order to bestow (Adam and Eve). But there was a place in this vessel called the heart of stone which was impossible to correct. The Upper Light couldn’t enter it. The Surrounding Light couldn’t enter it either. So how was it possible to correct it? After all, it is the whole essence of the created being.

It turns out that I have a desire to receive that is opposite from the Creator, the Upper Light, which cannot enter it. It would contradict the law of equivalence of form, and after all, it says: “He gave a law that cannot be broken”; the Creator himself doesn’t break His own laws. The laws were determined, and all of reality, all of creation, exists according to these laws.

So what can we do? How can the created being still be corrected and become similar to the Creator? How can the created being take on the form of the Creator if the Upper Light cannot even touch the stony heart according to the laws of restriction and a lack of equivalence of form? It can never do that since the stony heart is the essence of the created being.

The shattering was necessary; it was necessary to confuse the created being so that he’d want to receive in order to bestow as if that were even possible in the stony heart. This is how the Creator arranges the created being and the created being accepts this action in absolute devotion. The Upper Light gives him this feeling by the Partzuf that it has created in which the head of the Partzuf belongs to Bina and the body belongs to Malchut. He intends to use all his desires in order to bestow in his head; this is pure Bina, pure bestowal. So he doesn’t feel that there is a chance for it to go wrong or fail, but still he fails.

It wasn’t a mistake or a failure at all; it did not depend on the created being, but was intentionally arranged so from Above. But mutual incorporation of the vessels of Bina and the vessels of Malchut take place as a result of the shattering. The main thing is that it allows continuity by the clarification of all the vessels except for the stony heart.

This is a very delicate point that we have to think about, “the advantage of Light from darkness.” We clarify the first nine Sefirot, all their discernments, except for the stony heart, which is “in reason,” in the ego, which we don’t clarify. But by clarifying everything around it, I get to know the stony heart, and by that I get to know the Creator Himself from inside it.

Thus, we perform correction without correcting our own desire. But we do differentiate and take from it everything that we can, leaving only the actual stony heart in which there is nothing else that we can correct. As a result of this clarification, we discover the form of the stony heart in contrast to the form of the Creator and reach the end of correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/02/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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