Roles That Come Along Our Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Kabbalists write about the category of Israel in which everyone is connected so strongly that it’s impossible to separate them, and they totally depend on one another. What is this category and who belongs to it?

Answer: I will tell you a secret: At midday yesterday I was not “Israel,” but towards the evening my state changed a little and I managed to reach “Jerusalem”; then I descended into the “valley,” afterwards I met with the “lions,” and then I went up to Heaven and flew….

This morning not only did I not belong to “Israel” when I woke up, but I didn’t even belong to the “nations of the world.” I was simply an “animal”….  In general, “Israel” (ישראל) is the desire to receive that is aimed at Yashar El (ישר-אל, straight to the Creator).

But if you are asking about some protein substance, I don’t know to which category it belongs. First we have to check the desire and its intention, and then I can find out if it’s “Israel” and, if so, on what level. Suppose a Greek by birth and a Jew by birth are sitting before you: If you look inside them you may find that the Greek is “Israel” while the Jew is “wicked” on the “animate” level.

Everything is determined by the desire and the intensity of its intention. Of course “Israel” corrects itself first. If there is a part in me called “Israel” and a part called “the nations of the world” then, of course, I correct the purer vessels first.

This order is also reflected in our world: Here, whether we like it or not, we belong to “Israel” and we have to correct ourselves now. But in the spiritual sense, the Jews are also divided into these two parts: “Israel” and the “nations of the world.” How many representatives of “Israel” are there among the Jewish people? They can be a thousand out of 12-14 million….

Question: So who should take it upon himself to become a “member of the nation” as “one man with one heart?”

Answer: Whoever feels that he is a member of the nation. These are a person’s inner discernments which cannot be assessed in words or determined by one’s passport.

Question: Weren’t you with this nation yesterday?

Answer: No. Last night I was part of the “nations of the world,” and this morning I woke up an “animal.” I hope that I will be a “good boy” during the day and will grow to the level of the “great priest.”

However, the way things are going I will probably have to fall, to deteriorate to practically the state of “Haman” and the other wicked. They will “clothe” in me and I will feel like them; I will actually enter the figures that are described in the Torah.

This is because the Torah depicts inner figures and describes inner roles that we have to play on the way to resembling the Creator. I can’t resemble Him completely unless I experience the soul of “Haman,” “Hitler,” “Pharaoh,” etc. I have to be incorporated in them and also in the pure figures of bestowal that are opposite them. Then I will be truly corrected.

So it isn’t only about waking up as an “animal.” If everything comes down to only this, then I am “out of the game.” In general, we must never tie the spiritual path with the body that you now see in your corporeal eyes. It’s a grave mistake. Never judge by the external “pictures” and the bodily sensations—judge only by desires and intentions.

In all of reality there are desires to receive, desires to bestow, and an intention that corrects the desires to receive so that a person becomes the one who bestows. That’s all. Besides this, here is nothing, only three parameters: the Light, the vessel and the Masach (screen) between them.

Question: What about the 600,000 guarantors that Baal HaSulam speaks about in the article “Mutual Guarantee”? Do they have to wake up and to unite on the way to correction?

Answer: I will tell you another secret: The moment you reach the states in which you need 600,000 guarantors, you will find them. They will suddenly appear before you, as if nothing has happened.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/7/13, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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