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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In homeopathy, there is a therapeutic component that is very hard to understand since we haven’t yet reached a state at which we can feel it. However, it can be developed in the course of integral studies and seminars where people get closer to each other and acquire similar tendencies in their desires.

Answer: It was always very popular in all countries and cultures. Today, there are countless people who light candles, perform various various actions, and believe in what they do. I am not talking about charlatans who simply make money on these beliefs; rather, I mean people who sense these things, believe in them, and practice them.

Several years ago, there was a huge fair of alternative therapeutic methodologies in Israel where a variety of stones, pendants, amulets, and candles that have particular scents were demonstrated… Anything you want!

It’s amazing what our civilization has managed to invent! People truly believe in it. But this is not the advertisement of some clinics or treatment centers. People were always attracted to these kinds of things. However, only a group that correctly interacts internally and manages to elevate above its own egoism, only a group that connects counter to its natural reciprocal repulsion, only such a group can be turned into a motivating and serious detector, into a research tool with the help of which we are able to really locate authentic causes of events and particular vibrations and sensations.

Question: What will the unified goal of such a group be?

Answer: The goal is to make others healthier, nothing but that. Such a group is in balance with nature, whereas the rest of the humankind stays imbalanced, thus ruining the general equilibrium. As a result, such a group would feel a tremendous desire to make others healthier.

Everybody will eventually realize that if they don’t “mend” the health of the entire humanity or if they fail to influence others in a positive way, they won’t be healthy themselves since we all are parts of one system. We feel these things at all levels; all of humanity is interconnected. So, a misfortunate event that happens in one place immediately travels to other areas. Until the entire system is corrected, nobody will be able to recover from illnesses.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/2013

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