Installing New Programs Within Oneself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the lessons, lectures, and in books, you talk about some balanced state of humanity. But, at the same time you emphasize that the whole world is found within a person. How is it possible to combine these things for someone who, for example, doesn’t study with you and has no possibility of receiving an explanation from you?

Answer: When we delve into the world from the viewpoint of high-level psychology and physics, we begin to see that it works quite differently.

On the Internet, there is a vast amount of material about this subject. Scientists, psychologists, and sociologists are already beginning to understand this. People understand that this world is not what we see in our minds, in our five senses, but it is something else. So what is it? It is possible to feel by changing our organs of perception, our program of thinking?

And, it is not necessary to be born anew for this. It is enough to stay the same person. Just as we can install a few programs in our computer, so is it also possible to install a few programs in us. For this, however, we need to study. If a person wants to come to me as a student and become included in our framework of studies, then he will gradually acquire this system.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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