What Can We Expect When We Are Blindfolded?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we speak so little about good things and so much about problems and hardships that we encounter along the spiritual path?

Answer: I think that the problems we encounter are a good thing. In our case, we wouldn’t turn to find the Creator if it weren’t for these “troubles” as we call them.

I feel that such troubles are sweet since otherwise my “animal” would never turn in the Creator’s direction. They can indeed scare me and worry me and can even be a threat to my life, but it all comes in order to direct me to Him.

If so, what is wrong with that? Your corporeal body is what experiences the unpleasant feelings, so don’t identify with it, start forming the human being in you that “rides” the corporeal animal.

On the whole, the spiritual world is based on overcoming the evil inclination. It’s impossible to escape from it. Humanity has tried to do so throughout history with the help of various religions, beliefs, social structures, law codex, science and technology.

All this was actually an attempt to escape, a search for other means to improve our lives and abandon the path to the Creator. But these means bring about an even greater flaw, and eventually we will be left with nothing. For example, a few days ago the UN recommended using insects for food in order to fight hunger. Here it is—the future of the world….

In short, only by the revelation of evil can we be directed towards the goal since this is how we can choose what to consider as evil.  I may feel bad when my self love “complains” out of discomfort, or I may feel bad since I haven’t acquired my soul yet, the connection with others, and with the Creator as part of it. This is exactly where our free will lies.

It’s impossible to escape that, no matter what arguments you bring. The upper Providence operates without asking for my consent. Now I have to accept it and later I will understand it.

In any case spirituality is built on the corrupt desire for pleasure. So we cannot avoid speaking about it; after all, it is said: “I have created the evil inclination.”  “Torah,” meaning the method of correction, is needed exactly for this reason and this is precisely when a little bit of evil is revealed between us, when we already want to unite, but still don’t know: in what form, in what principle, that will “glue” us together, and how to fulfill this unity.

Thus we demand the Torah manifested in opposition to the evil that is revealed, but it is “sweet” evil. We begin to understand that we don’t have the power to face it by ourselves, that we need the help of the upper force, and that the evil is in the tear of the connection between us. We simply must; we want to strive to connect, “as one man in one heart.” We may call what is happening “evil,” but in fact it isn’t evil at all, it’s the oppositeness of the Creator, His “posterior.” It’s all Him.

This means that we don’t struggle between the grips of evil and the Creator at all, since I feel that the good and the bad are both Him and are the faces of His attitude. A father also sometimes smiles at his son and sometimes gives him a tough look thus evoking different reactions in the child as he forms his perception.

Question: Still, on the one hand, I am shown the negative side, and on the other hand, I am not shown what I will receive at the end….

Answer: You will pass the breaking point, the shattering, as a result of which you will suddenly feel pleasure in bestowal. The Light will come and awaken you to love others. Then you will bestow upon them and will feel infinite pleasure.

After all, it’s your ego that limits you and that is stopping you by saying: “This is as far as you can go and not further than that.” You struggle with it in order to expand the limits of bestowal. If there were no ego, you would engage in bestowal in the same manner that you engage in receiving now, simply because you find that bestowal is pleasant.

So to make sure that it is real love and that it’s not artificial, it’s built on the desire to receive, so that you can be neutral, free of receiving and of bestowal. Then you actually work, you actually control the filling of all of humanity and you perform the Creator’s mission, taking nothing for yourself, having no contact with the negativity that you have to escape from or the positivity that could bring you pleasure. This is the moment of eternity in a person, the midpoint on the scale of good and evil.

Question: What does it mean “to bring us pleasure?”

Answer: It’s a different meaning, a new one. I choose the pleasure so that it will not depend on me and I will not depend on it.

It’s impossible to explain, to illustrate, or to draw. It’s about a feeling, and if you try to touch it with your current mind, it’s the wrong approach. After all, you don’t allow your heart to open wide.

It isn’t by chance that we speak about a game as the major tool for our advancement. If you put yourself out of the game, then you are left only with complaints. You can diminish the value of everything in life by a disrespectful attitude, and what’s next?

We need to unite, and in order to do that we work in groups. Why groups? Because this is how we allow the Light to influence us at least a little. We may underestimate the connection between the friends and what it can draw. But by our mutual efforts, we give it importance and appeal, and again prompt drawing a bit of Light that Reforms by that.

Who actually needs bestowal? No one. But yet, we speak about it and the Surrounding Light responds to that, and is ready to accept our “lie.”

This is how we develop and there is no other way. It’s always from an egoistic state of Lo Lishma (not for its own sake) that we reach the altruistic intention of Lishma (for its own sake).  It’s impossible to form the created being in any other way.

As for the complaints, the ego always plays the role of the accuser, but the sufferings will eventually break it. You will not be able to dictate your conditions to the Creator. He aggravates you on purpose in order to spur you on and there is only one answer for that: to subdue yourself before the group.

You must understand that your ego is totally “square” and that you will achieve nothing by its help. As long as you look at reality through the prism of self-love you will see nothing. All the worlds are concealed from you; the upper Providence system is out of your sight. What can  be opened for you if your ego filters all His calls? Can you claim the demonstration of anything when in front of you is an impervious blindfold?

This is why Kabbalists give us advice about how to act in this state. If we don’t use their advice, the troubles will help us grow wise.

There is no point in feeling resentment that something is concealed from you. You have no means to see the truth; it’s only in unity that we can see the Creator’s leadership and to be aware of what is going on.

But it’s on condition that this understanding and this feeling will not throw you off track. After all, when you finally get this chance, you will actually not want to feel and understand in order to avoid a “bribe.”

You will say to the Creator, “Don’t reveal anything to me.” Otherwise I will lose my free will and will turn into an “angel” and descend to the “animal” level. I would rather be a human being that struggles and makes mistakes than a “holy animal” that has no free will at all. Only on the human level can I express my attitude and only there do I exist.

You will want to place Masachim (screens) over the Light, fearing that you will not resist its temptations. After all, the guards that don’t let you get into the King’s palace keep you away not by sufferings but by blows of abundance which are much stronger and are revealed to you as love that drives you crazy. It’s much more difficult to put a Masach over it than over the troubles of the evil inclination.

Today it actually helps you in contacting the Creator. The sufferings focus you on the goal. Therefore, it says, that Pharaoh brings the children of Israel closer to the Creator. Then there will be other obstacles and I will understand your complaints. After all, the blows of the Light are much harder. But no matter what happens, you will always want the struggle between these two opposite forces since only between them can you determine your independence.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/14/13, The Zohar – Introduction

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