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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the world of business need to be linked to family based on laws of the integrality of nature?

Answer: We are presently in such a transition where the masses still aren’t incorporated in integral education. Thus, in the meantime, it is hard for us to talk about this subject. However, let’s imagine that tomorrow during the afternoon break, we were to hold a workshop at the factory where a few married couples would take part. They would share ideas about how to solve various problems and help each another solve problems that they face.

The issue is that there are things that, in principle, we cannot change in ourselves, but we can change our attitude toward them. We ask the participants in the discussion to change their approach, to be more tolerant, understanding, compassionate, cooperative, and so forth.

This is the first goal that we need to attain in family workshops. Through discussing all kinds of questions together, people begin to understand that these kinds of problems exist for everyone, and this calms them, reduces the heat of passion by half. When I see that the same thing happens to everyone, then I relax: “What can be done? Everyone lives like that.”

Secondly, people really give each other very interesting advice.

During the discussions, each one suddenly begins to listen to what he hadn’t listened to previously. When both of them, the husband and wife, rise and together express their opinions, then a stronger connection is created between them. They begin to feel the strength as a couple facing all the others. This unites them, gives them a very strong feeling of identification! Afterward, they become something completely different.

Thus, events like these are very helpful, especially as they rise. At the beginning in the workshops, it is possible to talk about all kinds of different things, except for problems that are of a severe nature, like drugs or adultery. In reference to these kinds of problems that are difficult to solve, one needs to approach carefully and over time. However, in the end, finding their solution is also possible through the connection in the integral way.

Integral workshops change people and bring them together.

Question: Is it worthwhile to work together with your wife in the same place of business or to be partners in a business?

Answer: If it is the couple’s personal business, then it’s worthwhile.

As to working at the same company, what happens is that, when people begin to participate in the integral connection, their personal relationships are eliminated and above that, collective relationships begin to rise because they have a space for emotions that are completely different—not flat or linear. Thus, I don’t see any problem with that.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/8/13

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