A Family Congress In Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we remain in a state called “one family” during the convention in Germany? How do we tell the difference between this kind of “family” and the regular family, which is one of our animate needs?

Answer: We named the next European Congress a “family convention.” We think that the time has come and that the knowledge that we have accumulated and the circumstances which we are in allow us to build one unified family that will be comprised of all our groups—one big Kli (vessel.) As Baal HaSulam writes, the entire world is one family, and today we have to become as one family.

In other words, all our groups and our friends who do not have groups, wherever they are, have to make themselves sense the rest of the Kli on a regular basis and totally depend on each other. This kind of connection really exists and we have no other way but to gradually reveal it. It’s our primary task.

Secondly, we have to maintain a good connection, never criticize each other, but rather get closer with others. We have to find a common denominator and mutual grounds: common desires and intentions, feel complete mutual interdependence. It’s as if we are at home with our families and have no doubts that we depend on each other. This is the least we can do now.

At the same time, we don’t have to know all of our friends by names. We simply have to sense that they are inside us and that we are one joined entity. Then, while working on self-correction, we, at the same time, help others and feel everything through ourselves and try to correct, fulfill, and shape others spiritually. Each of us has to act this way in respect to others.

It’s vital. By working so, we will jump ahead and will approach the ultimate level of the universe in which we all exist and which is yet hidden from us by our personal egoistic properties. We have to rise above ourselves at least a little and accept the fact that others are equal to us if not higher, bigger, or more important than us. If we manage to act so, we will break the wall that is called the “Machsom.”
From the Virtual Lesson 3/17/13

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