Working For The Connection!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you help a friend for whom dissemination has become more important than work in the group and this state has a negative impact on the group?

Answer: First of all he needs to understand that his connection with his friends is what leads him into the upper world. If he cannot be tied to them, then he is simply avoiding the spiritual work of spiritual connection.

I understand that you always want to get away from it and just disseminate because there you feel like you are big and great, etc. But you cannot escape the connection in the group and you need to try with all your might to be with your friends, even if they really seem to be the wrong kind of friends!

The thing is that you see them to the degree of your uncorrected state, so quit justifying both yourself and them, and don’t do anything; just work for the connection. Don’t pay attention to their faults, as if this were one sided, as if you don’t see them; you need to work for the connection!
From the Virtual Lesson 2/3/13

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