The Hidden Button

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Inner efforts cause pain. Can we say that this pain comes instead of the suffering that comes directly from nature in the form of hurricanes and other natural disasters?

Answer: On the whole the answer is yes. Instead of rebuilding the homes that were destroyed by the hurricane and receiving more terrible blows, we can move on to internal work and make mental efforts. The efforts should be qualitative, although nature obligates us to move to quantitative efforts.

There difference between quality and quantity is enormous. We know this from the laws of the pyramid, which is divided into four levels: the still nature (s), the vegetative (v), the animate (a) and the human (h). On the level of the human we make purposeful efforts.

But other people are on the lowest level. Think about the efforts they have to make to the full width of the pyramid’s base! What a great area the desire covers, how many tons of concrete and iron, how many hours to waste, how many diseases to go through, and what a great lack to be felt!

We are above that level and can change the difficulties and sufferings of billions of people for many years with one click on a button.

The Hidden Button

But don’t think that pushing the button is easier than a thousand years of hard labor. It isn’t by chance that the people of Israel cried out in the desert and were willing to return to the hard labor in Egypt, to work for Pharaoh, only to avoid pushing the button.

This is the essence of the decision a person has to make, and so our world will not disappear until the end of correction.

By pushing that button you have to be aware and to realize what is happening, you cannot just click it and be surprised by the outcomes; in spirituality you push the button only after knowing all the actions you go through. In other words the form of redemption is already in the exile.

You have to imagine the process; otherwise you have no choice, because choosing means that you understand the future and that you choose it.

Qualitatively this work is more difficult than the ordinary work. So even though they could do it, they cried out: “Let’s go back! Let’s switch this work with the previous kind of work!”

Question: Why do Kabbalists say that the path of the Torah is easier than the path of sufferings?

Answer: You are trying to weigh two different things with the same scale: a quantum of Light with billions of tons of rocks. Can they be compared? The inner energy of the Light is a billion times greater than the physical weight of the rocks. But these things are incomparable in your egoistic perception, in your imaginary senses. First we have to change our scale of values. It is written: “A righteous is the foundation of the world.” His power and value are much greater than that of all of humanity. Without him people cannot do anything, they don’t exist in spirituality at all. So you cannot weigh the two types of efforts by the same instrument.

Question: Will everyone have to push that button eventually?

Answer: No, not even all the children of Israel, which means all those who yearn straight to the Creator. Everyone participates in pushing the button, but it is hard to say who will have the leading role in the future.

On the one hand, a person cannot advance without a leader. In every generation there must be someone who pulls forward and leads others. On the other hand, there may be something similar to the Sanhedrin, a group of people who are ready and able to find the general force that will lead the people by the connection among them. I don’t think that anyone can provide a clear prognosis, but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we are advancing. What is necessary is what will happen. The lack of knowledge in this case is not a problem.

One way or the other, everyone will participate in the process and until the end of correction, until the last click, we will all be in the pyramid. Only the Light of the end of correction will turn the line into a circle. The levels of the spiritual ladder don’t change, and only when all of Malchut enters the correction and reaches Keter and becomes equal to it, do all the forms disappear, except for the circle.

Question: Is that button the love of others?

Answer: Yes, but through the love of others, we yearn for the love of the Creator—we must remember that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/12, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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