Going Through The Question For Which There Is No Answer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why were we given the Mitzvot, meaning the commandments, if everything has to be fulfilled according to our desire and our freewill?

Answer: Indeed, a person accepts a Mitzva as a commandment. After all, desire also “commands” us to behave in a certain way and we perform the desires’ commandments.

If I turn to someone in order to do something, he can do it out of fear, for a reward in this world, for a reward in the next world, or because he is commanded to do so. So a Mitzva is a commandment that is not fulfilled out of fear and not for a reward.

If I am afraid of someone or hope to get a reward, I keep a kind of a contract and not a Mitzva. I have a chance to either lose or gain according to the host’s desire which deprives me of my freewill and sets tough conditions: “Do that and then you will gain something, do something else and you will lose.” I see that there is no third way and that there is no way out. Perhaps, I may have been brought up this way or these are the circumstances.

On the other hand, a Mitzva symbolizes the fact that I am totally free. The Creator is totally concealed from me; I can do what I want, but I still look for a way to perform and to fulfill His desire. Why? There is no answer to that question.

So go look for an answer. Fear is already coercion, it is bribery, you are addicted, and it means that there is no spirituality here. So why should I observe the Mitzva? There is no reason to do so. Only a madman or a small kid can act without any reward, without wanting to avoid evil or to attain good, so what can we do? Look for the power to do so, since I am a machine that needs to be fuelled. I look for fuel without having to answer the question “why?”

When a person truly reaches the state of faith above reason, there is no reason for him to observe the Mitzva. It says: “The earth is hanging on a thread.” A person only looks for fuel, and this is the only thing he seeks and demands.

Then he even conceals himself so that he wouldn’t be shown the fear or the reward. This means that a person “restricts” himself, not wanting to see the Creator and he escapes from anything that can stand in the way of his freewill, of faith above reason.

Here we come to the point for which there is no calculation in our world and for which there is no way to measure. It is because we use our desires to choose what ensures us a greater profit.

Our freewill begins from this central point onward. From this moment on I am faced with the question: “Why do it?” Those who are trying to push themselves through this question reach spiritual conditions that are above this question.

There is no reason to observe Mitzvot in our world. It is worthless from the perspective of our desires and values.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/12, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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