The Future Is In Superhumanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Ken MacLeod, an award-winning science fiction writer): “Theoretically, Marxism came up with a secular, materialist account of what made humanity distinctive: a complex, evolving, and indefinitely extendable interaction of labour, consciousness, and social relations, all rooted in the mutually reinforcing co-development of hand, brain, and tongue. …

“But the aims of most of the millions of ordinary people who believed in socialism were modest: full employment, social security, free education, and healthcare.”

My Comment: For the first time in human history, we can select in advance one of two ways of our development towards the state of complete balance that has been established by nature. We need to see our future state because it is opposite to our egoistic nature. If it had matched nature, we would have just moved forward automatically as throughout our history, pushed by our growing egoism.

It is the oppositeness of our egoistic nature relative to the next altruistic state of humanity that stops us in transition to this state. The pressure on us, egoistic individualists, from integral altruistic nature will constantly increase, producing crises and disasters that will push us to understand the causes of our suffering and to accept balance with nature, to achieve unity among us and with it as the peak of our development.

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